Saturday, October 28, 2006

Babies Room

Here is the finished room for our new baby boy. The diaper stacker is finished. Notice the square design and your hand goes easily in on either side of the front to grab a stack. The measurements are for two stacks of disposable diapers. Right now it sort of holds 3 since they are so small. The Noah's Ark quilt ended up on the wall and the duckie quilt is in the bed. Pictures and shelves are hung and everything is washed and put away. I do believe we are READY!


Chris said...

Those stars to hang the diaper stacker are great. Whose idea was that?

Sylvia said...

Well, MINE of course. I got three of them at Michaels. I bought yellow and blue paint and when I decided I needed green I just mixed the two. The third star is on the wall by the door for the baby's towel.

Chris said...

I think it is a brilliant idea! Good job :)