Monday, September 11, 2006

Enchanted Bouquet Wholecloth Quilt

This is my favorite quilt. I just wanted to have it on my blog because it is my original design and I love it so much. I drew out every single element of the design by hand. It is one solid piece of fabric on top. The color is done by using really bright felt underneath. The puffy part of the feathers is extra batting called trapunto. The blue thing on the right is the first place ribbon it got at the Yellowstone Quilt Fest in Cody, Wy. It won second place, Peoples Choice at the Big Sky Quilt Show in Billings MT. My husband says it is the most beautiful quilt he has ever seen. Karen McTavish (famous long arm quilter) said it is the most beautiful multi-colored whole cloth she has ever seen. I call it Enchanted Bouquet. The background of this quilt is micro-stippled and has McTavishing, yes named after the quilter Karen McTavish. I plan to make more of this type of quilt.

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DocsLadee said...

This quilt is gorgeous just like all of the other quilts you have done and of course congrats on the new grandson ! I love and miss you Sylvia !